Where Do We Go From Here?

On this day when more than 100 million of us will make our voices heard, what are you looking for on the horizon?

David Hewlett


Photo by Simon Berger on Unsplash.

It’s election day here in the United States.

There’s something in the air this morning. A potent cocktail filled with the anticipation of years of waiting, a secret blend of optimism, and more than a dash of dread. This mixture has been everywhere for months now, seeping into every conversation, news feed, and inner monologue across the nation, and it’s all coming to a head today.

I don’t know if that air will be sucked out of the room by the night’s end or if it will linger with us for a little while longer, but I know it keeps many other aspects of life from having room to breathe and thrive. Try having another conversation about something important to you with a friend and see how long it takes to boomerang back to politics.

For many of us it brings this thought to mind:

How much longer?

Does this stifling air end with the finality of election results? Does the mire of 2020 stretch on into the holiday season or even the new year? Is this dumpster fire just how life is now and we have to adjust?

I don’t have answers for you, I’m afraid. I’m right here with you in the middle of the unknown.

For so many more of us, we’re just tired. Tired of having the breath taken away from all the things which used to take up space before 2016. Birthday parties, switching jobs, celebrating milestones with our children, personal growth, new adventures, weddings, funerals, promotions, even when our favorite team won something substantial. So many aspects of life have been suffocated by this ever-present cloud hanging above our heads.

So what do we do with this?

Today. Not tomorrow, not nine weeks down the line or sometime next year. What do we do, now, where we are in the middle of this aperitif of emotion and uncertainty?

We eat bread.

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