The Single Best Way To Fill Gaps In Your Day

Murder hornets. Betty White. Lizard brains. Letting love win.

David Hewlett


Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash.

If you are anything like me, 2020 has left you with some extra time you didn’t have before.

Right now I don’t have to commute to work, which is a huge relief in itself, and I don’t have a tenth of the social commitments I did this time last year. Excuse me while I mourn the loss of Fall house parties and the death of my Halloween couple’s costume. It was supposed to be a taco and hot sauce; I’ll let you guess which one I was going as.

While the chaos of the year has certainly brought more of, well, a lot of things we didn’t want…

Social Division…

Racial Injustice…


Anxiety & Unease…

Murder Hornets(???)…

to name just a few.

It has also brought with it…less.

Less meetings. Less pressure to say “yes” to obligations. Less time spent shopping. Choose your own adventure here — what comes to mind that you have devoted less time to as a result of the events of this year?

My guess is you also have gaps in your schedule and have been wondering the same thing I have:

What do I do with this?

The trap which is so easy to fall into when newly available blocks of time present themselves is a rush to fill them with *anything*. Often it is simply the first element that rushes into the void, like water breaking out of a dam and settling downstream. A friend canceled dinner? Wine and Netflix it is. Business meeting got moved? Great, half an hour to catch up on email.

We end up doing whatever is easiest or right in front of our lizard brain at the time.

This looks different from person to person, and what it looks like for you largely depends on the circumstances and priorities of your life. But one string which I’ve noticed runs among all of us is this notion that during periods of excess unstructured time we are forced to confront a bigger question of “What do I do next?



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