Taking A Break From What You Love And Coming Back Again

What to do when you’ve stepped away from something and it’s time to return.

David Hewlett


Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash.

What do you love that you’ve stepped away from?

I love to write.

Crafting stories is a deep soul passion I’ve had since I was a young child which makes me come alive in beautiful and unique ways quite unlike anything else. And yet, as you might have noticed, I haven’t written publicly aside from a few short social posts in over half a year.

That’s by design; an intentional choice to step away for a season and focus on another project which has eaten up most of my free time during the lockdown. Now that the end of the project is wrapped up (more on that another day), it’s time to jump back into a few things I missed dearly.

Which means more time for writing, reading, and poorly cooked ethnic food in the near future. Hell yes!

One thing I’ve come to realize recently is that how you come back to anything is often just as important as how you leave. It can be good for many reasons to stop doing a thing, even a thing you dearly love, for a time — avoiding burnout, gaining a fresh perspective, trying new endeavors…etc. But it turns out getting back into the swing of something has its own considerations too.

“Why do you go away? So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors.”

— Terry Pratchett

I’ve always liked the term sabbatical in this context. Well, not how it sounds. It sounds like someone gave Jabba the Hut too much gum during a game of telephone.

But the idea, intentionally taking time away from a good aspect of life to pursue another focus such as rest, is one of the most authentic human expressions. It’s a reminder — even a good thing isn’t for all the time, and we have life seasons we need to acknowledge to be our truest selves.

In this way, I’ve been on a writing sabbatical for the last bit and now as my time is freeing up once more I’m left considering: how do I come back to this well?



David Hewlett

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