6 Ways To Make Your Life Beautiful Today Wherever You Are

Make today better. Let tomorrow take care of itself.

David Hewlett


Photo by Conor Samuel on Unsplash.

There’s a driving engine. A big part of why we do so many of the day-to-day activities we end up choosing. We go to work, spend time with family, invest, exercise, etc., in part because we want our lives to be better today than they were yesterday. We want tomorrow to be better than whatever we are experiencing right now.

Often this comes out of a place of suffering discomfort or malcontent. We are hurting, lacking the comfort we desire, or there is a part of us that for whatever reason can’t stand a part of life being the way it is right now. Other times it comes from a place of experiencing a good or beautiful moment and wanting even more of it.

We want to grow — to evolve and let our experiences become even better than we’ve known. So we try to make a change to move away from A toward B; away from where we don’t want to be and into where we do.

We desire a raise at our next work review, so we put in extra effort on the next group project.

We crave a strong relationship with our children so we spend time deepening the relationship.

We long for the summer swimsuit bod which will turn heads on the next beach trip so we take time to frequent the gym.

Sometimes though life gets murky, and if you are like me 2020 has been one of the murkiest years yet. It’s easy to get caught up in doing things that aren’t providing value any longer or giving energy to pursuits that aren’t making your life better in meaningful ways where you are today.

So how do we make life better today than it was yesterday? And how do we act now so tomorrow’s today will be full of even more goodness and beauty?

I’m not talking about how to make your life tangibly better in 2021, or at the end of your five-year plan. Let’s explore a few practical thoughts on how to make your life better right where you are, wherever that is in this moment of your journey.

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